Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority

St. Thomas and St. Croix, VI

Engineering Services

power authority 2BCSC Dospiva has performed topographic, hydrographic, geophysical and underwater engineering inspection surveys for the LPG conversion of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority plants on St. Thomas and St. Croix for Vitol based in The Netherlands. BCSC has performed boundary and topographic surveys, utility locations, and water resource management for both projects including, soil erosion and sedimentation control plans, grading design, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and assistance with local permitting. We have performed offshore surveys using an echosounder, sub bottom profiler, magnetometer, and sidescan sonar, for the areas around the fueling docks at both plants, as well as for a mooring location 5 miles offshore. We performed underwater engineering inspections of docks at both plants, including steel thickness measurements, videography and sample collection. We have also performed structure and roadway inspections pre-construction, to document existing conditions using videos and still frame photography.


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