Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field

Savannah, Georgia

Underground Utility Locates

fort-stewartBateman Civil Survey Company has been responsible for locating and marking the underground utilities owned by the Directorate of Public Works at Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field since 10/01/2009. We receive our notification through the Georgia PUPS system, and are very familiar with this type of system and its’ requirements and expectations. Each project required the location of 4 types of utilities – water, gas, sewer and secondary electrical. The piping material for these utilities includes cast iron, steel, plastic and vitreous nonmetallic pipe. We have used electromagnetic equipment from Metrotech, Pipehorn, Subsite, and Radio Detection, as well as MALA Ground Penetrating Radar.

Offshore Surveys

St. Thomas, VI

Windfarm Permitting

wind farm 2BCSC Dospiva conducted a magnetometer survey, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiling and a single beam echosounder of the area for a proposed offshore windfarm. We provided these offshore survey services and delivered a report of survey for this project depicting underwater objects located by the survey, based on standards as set forth by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for Submission of Spatial Data for Site Characterization Surveys. We have also conducted boundary and topographic surveys on shore for the proposed beach manhole and landing site, as well as nearshore surveys in the shallow water depths. We have drawn up easement documents for the onshore route of the proposed electric line, and are currently waiting on regulatory agency review prior to beginning the preparation of construction documents.

The Marina at Summer’s End

Coral Bay, St. John, VI

BCSC Dospiva was retained to perform boundary, utility, topographic and hydrographic surveys for this proposed mega-yacht development on Coral Bay. The boundary, utility and topographic surveys were performed on an approximately 4 acre parcel, and the hydrographic survey extended from the shoreline to a line approximately 1000’ from shore. This project was performed in May 2012 and is complete. Civil design is currently on hold as the project is awaiting financing approvals. Bioimpact and Springline Architects are other sub consultants on this project.

marina 1 marina